Celebrating over 20 Years


Making a difference, one wag at a time!

West Michigan Therapy Dogs, Inc. (WMTD) is a non-profit organization consisting of volunteer therapy dog and handler teams. We have been providing the western region of Michigan with Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) since 2001, and this year, we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary. We volunteer with community health facilities, non-profit organizations, educational programs, and more to provide emotional, physical, and psychological support through the human-animal healing connection, and we love “making a difference…one wag at a time!"

What is Pet Therapy?

Pet therapy is a broad term that includes animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and other animal-assisted activities. AAT involves animals to help individuals, many with health problems, to cope or recover, whether it's cancer, mental health issues, physical disabilities, and more. Animal-assisted activities are volunteer-based and meant to provide comfort and enjoyment to senior citizens, children, and others. 

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Become a Volunteer

West Michigan Therapy Dogs, Inc. (WMTD) is a group of volunteers who provide Animal Assisted Activities to various groups in Western Michigan. Our services are free, and we do not accept monetary reimbursement for any of the services our members provide. 

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We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations help us continue growing and reaching our goals. If you are interested in supporting our mission so we can serve more people in West Michigan, consider donating. 

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